Portable Tenant Screening Reports

Marvin Gardens accepts "portable tenant screening reports" from qualified third party sources which were completed within the last 30 days. The report must be from a qualified source, made available to Marvin Gardens Property Management at no cost to Marvin Gardens and a written statement must be provided to Marvin Gardens stating that 'no changes have occured with respect to the following: Name, Address, Bankruptcy Status, Criminal History, or Eviction History since the report was generated.'

Additional terms may apply - please contact a Marvin Gardens representative with any specific questions or click here to read the law for yourself to see if a third party application (a.k.a. portable tenant screening report) may apply in your case to save you money!

Section 38-12-904 - Consideration of rental applications - limitations - portable tenant screening report - notice to prospective tenants - denial notice

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