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Thinking about buying a Colorado home?  Many people are moving to Colorado and it can be difficult to not only find the right home to purchase, but to get all the way to the closing table and actually purchase it!  Marvin Gardens Real Estate is a great partner to go at it with...  With a proven track record of success helping buyers secure property that they want even in a challenging market like this, you can count on Marvin Gardens to be there for you all the way through the process.  We have worked with many lenders, title companies, inspectors, appraisers, contractors and other brokers on all different types of transactions and we understand that having a stellar team from top to bottom is what turns a prospective buyer into a home-owner...  Whether you are seeking real estate in Longmont, Denver, or Boulder areas, the Marvin Gardens team is a great fit to join YOUR team in brokering or representing you in buying a home!

The market is always changing and it's always best to have a capable guide along the way...

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Dave Marvin is a great real estate broker. I ask him to put an offer on a property I wanted. He did not just put an offer in, but he went over and beyond to make sure everything is in order. He talked to the city, assessor's office, utility companies and others. During his property background check he came across an easement problem no one was aware of. He was able to clear it. I closed paying the price I was wiling to pay. Thank you Dave!!!
Zdenek N., Broomfield Property Owner